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Annual Gala


Annual Gala 224 shot Compound Cake Barrage from Hallmark Fireworks. Compound cakes are made up of multiple barrages which are connected together and attached to a board allowing the user to simply lift the firework from the box, place it on a flat surface, light it and watch a complete show in a box. Effects include: giant golden brocades with reds and blues thrown in too, a mixture of straight and fanned effects which keep the sky full of colour crackle and noise for the entire 110 second duration. One of our personal favourites!

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  1. Only one person should be responsible for setting off fireworks;
  2. Do not drink alcohol if you are setting off fireworks;
  3. Light fireworks at an arm’s length, using a taper or firework lighter;
  4. Ensure spectator distances are adhered to (provided on each firework);
  5. NEVER go back to a firework that has been lit.

UK Law states that no person younger than the age of 18 can purchase fireworks.

Fireworks can only be collected from the shop – they can be reserved prior.

Provided that they are either 1.4G or 1.3G classification (and are classified as consumer fireworks) no specialist licence is required.

Provided that they are kept cool and dry, they will last for a very long time.

Somewhere cool, dry and out of the reach of children and pets. Kiddies are naturally inquisitive (as are some pets) so keep these things where neither can inadvertently get hold of them.


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