Latex Balloons

Whether it’s jubilant Jewels or pristine Pastels, we have all the assortments you’re looking for and more!

latex balloons

Helium filled Plain Pearl Coloured Latex balloons with ribbon attached   £1.70

Helium filled Printed Latex Balloon with ribbon attached                £2.00

Helium Filled Chrome Latex Balloon with ribbon attached              £2.00

Helium Filled 3ft Balloon £35.00

Flat Printed Balloon 60p each

Flat Standard 16” Balloon  50p each

Flat Pearl 16″ Balloon 50p

Flat 3ft Giant Balloons – please enquire.

Flying Times As a guide (based on a standard 11” balloon)

Latex balloons have a ‘fly’ time of approximately 16hrs – depending on the environment they are being kept in.

Latex balloons MUST be inflated on the day of your event – otherwise HIGH FLOAT will be required – 40p per balloon.

Need more time?

WANT YOUR BALLOONS TO LAST A LITTLE LONGER ? REQUIRE A LONGER ‘FLY TIME’ we can add ‘high float’ to your balloons for an additional 40p per balloon.  This will increase the fly time from 16hrs to up to 3 days, depending on environment.

Here at Balloonatics we use quality balloons.

  • Long float times 
  • Low burst rates 


Provide more information below and we’ll get in touch.

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