Foil Balloons

Our Helium filled foil balloons come in various shapes, sizes, themes – We have Foil balloons for every occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries! Choose from a wide range of shapes, including Disney, Animals, Dinosaurs and more! Suitable for all occasions.

foil balloons

Star, Round or Heart shaped Foil Balloons – many colours available

Helium filled with a ribbon attached £3.50 each

Flat Balloons £2.25each

We also stock a huge range of Licensed Printed Foil Balloons in varies sizes prices start from £3.50 helium filled with a ribbon attached.

For that additional touch we can personalize your foil balloons with a special message.

(please link this to personalised script page)

Balloon Accessories

Foil Balloon weights from                  £1.00

Plastic Balloon weights from              25p

Balloon Pump                                     £3.50

Balloon Ribbon (500m approx.)         £3.99


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