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Balloon FAQs

A standard Latex balloons based on 11” in size will stay afloat for approximately 12 hours.

Standard 18” Foil balloons and bubble balloons can stay afloat for up to a week and larger foils and bubble balloons longer.

Foil Balloons are not to be released into the sky as they are non-biodegradable and should have a weight attached at all times to prevent accidental release.

Latex balloons are made of a natural product from the sap of a latex tree they are 100% biodegradable although not widely recommended, when released they biodegrade in approximately the same time as an oak leaf.

Yes but they require a liquid latex coating inside each balloon called “High Float”.

Latex balloon are made of natural latex from a latex tree that are 100% biodegradable.

Foil Balloons are made of metal and plastic and are not biodegradable.

The cost of Helium filled balloons will vary depending on size as a guide the more helium required the more expensive, they are.

All our balloons and customers own balloon we inflate come with a matching ribbon attached,  weights are not included as we have many options available with various prices.

Keep balloons away from direct sunlight and warm places. Helium expands in warm temperatures so balloons can burst if left in front of windows, in conservatories, cars etc. Avoid very low temperatures too as they can affect the float time of the balloon, balloons prefer to be in comfortable room temperatures.

Yes we do, Price will depend on the type and size of the balloon prices start from £1.10 each

We do not take any liability for any poppages or faults.

Although you can just pop in on the day to purchase balloons, we always recommend pre-booking balloons at least a day before collection date.

This helps to reduce the risk of faulty balloons and gives you more options for us to create something more special with the likes of personalisation and sculpting.

We are unable to accept returns of inflated and personalised balloons as they are perishable and exclusively created for each customer, therefore, cannot be reused or resold. If your items are faulty this will not affect your statutory rights.

Firework FAQs

  1. Only one person should be responsible for setting off fireworks;
  2. Do not drink alcohol if you are setting off fireworks;
  3. Light fireworks at an arm’s length, using a taper or firework lighter;
  4. Ensure spectator distances are adhered to (provided on each firework);
  5. NEVER go back to a firework that has been lit.

UK Law states that no person younger than the age of 18 can purchase fireworks.

Fireworks can only be collected from the shop – they can be reserved prior.

Provided that they are either 1.4G or 1.3G classification (and are classified as consumer fireworks) no specialist licence is required.

Provided that they are kept cool and dry, they will last for a very long time.

Somewhere cool, dry and out of the reach of children and pets. Kiddies are naturally inquisitive (as are some pets) so keep these things where neither can inadvertently get hold of them.

Order FAQs

We are happy to make changes or amendments to any orders that have not been pre inflated or created.

As a guide within 2 working days before the event/collection/delivery date there may be an amendment charge depending on changes.

For further information regarding collections, please see our click and collect page. Please consider the size of your order and the size of your vehicle before selecting our collection option.

Balloonatics party shop are not liable or responsible for the transport of collection items.

Due to the nature of our products, sometimes they may have faults. All our balloons are created in store by a Qualified CBA (Certified Balloon Artist) trained professional who pride themselves on making sure they don’t allow any items to leave our shop unless they are absolutely perfect.

Should your balloons end up damaged please email us a picture of your product within 24 hours of its arrival and we’ll do all we can to rectify. 

As our products are perishable, we’re unable to issue discounts or refunds if an image of the faulty item isn’t provided within 12 hours from collection or delivery. 

Booking FAQs

We thrive in creating something special for your event being a wedding or large corporate event.

Let one of our highly experienced members of staff with over 28 years’ experience contact you to discuss your requirements. Get in touch or please e-mail us at info@balloonaticspartyshop.co.uk.

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