Balloon Inflation

Have your own balloons? It’s absolutely no problem for us to inflate these for you.

Customers owns balloons

We will fill with helium and attach a ribbon for the prices listed below:

11” Latex Balloons                   £1.49

16” Latex Balloons                  £3.00

24” Latex Balloons                 £5.00

36” Latex Balloons                 £20.00

18” Foil Balloon                      £2.00

Super Shape Foils                  from £5.00

Balloonatics Party Shop will not take responsibility for ‘faulty’ Customers Own Balloons as we cannot guarantee the age or the quality of the balloon.  If the Balloon ‘pops’ whilst being inflated, then you will still be charged for the Helium.


Provide more information below and we’ll get in touch.

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